Now what?

Ok…I’ve thrown down the gauntlet. 52 paintings in 52 weeks. Can it be done? Yes, it is physically possible. I’ll be using acrylics, so the drying time isn’t a factor. But the time time is a factor. Will I be able to knock out a painting a week? I’m trying to accomplish a few things with this goal. A) Get back into trying to be an artist…B) Make up for lost time.

Which brings me to – distractions. I have too many, and not all are bad. A family, for one. The Interwebs for another. Television yet another. My VW Bus…another. You get the drift. I can carve out time though…I have to. I need to do this (or at least attempt it) to see if it’s what I really want. I’ve overcome one of the biggest objections I’ve used for the past few years – lack of a studio space to paint. Since we moved to Colorado in June, we now have a basement again. I’ve got a nice little space set up, surrounded by junk and patrolled by the two dwellers of the deep – Floyd and Nikita. They are cats, and like to leave me hacked-up hairballs on top of aforementioned junk, on the floor, the steps…

Now to a very real dilemma – what to paint? With this tight timeline I will be undoubtedly painting a lot of things just to knock out a painting. Which might be good, since I won’t spend more time obsessing over what to paint, what series should I do, would this sell, etc. I’ve used Photoshop in the past for setting up compositions of paintings, and probably will this time around. It’s a lot faster, and you can see what works and what doesn’t right away.

So in the next few weeks in between travelling all over for the holidays and finishing shopping, I’ll be brainstorming for painting ideas. When I get a concept worked up in Photoshop, I’ll be printing it out, and using my trusty old Art Projector to sketch out a quick sketch onto canvas. At least that’s the plan…we’ll see how it goes.

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