Jan 2 2010

Stay on target…

Gold Two: [the Y-wings are running the gauntlet toward the Death Star reactor-port] The guns – they’ve stopped!
Gold Five: [realizes why] Stabilize your rear deflectors… Watch for enemy fighters.
Gold Leader: They’re coming in! Three marks at 2-10!
[Gold Two is slain by Darth Vader and his wingmen; Gold Leader starts to panic]
Gold Leader: It’s no good, I can’t maneuver!
Gold Five: Stay on target.
Gold Leader: *We’re too close!*
Gold Five: Stay on target!
Gold Leader: [shouts] Loosen up!
[he too is picked off by Vader and Company; Gold Five tries to escape but is fatally winged]
Gold Five: Gold Five to Red leader, lost Tiree, lost Dutch.
Red Leader: I copy, Gold Leader.
Gold Five: It came from… behind!

Of course this is from Star Wars – A New Hope. But applicable, since it is now the New Year, 2010, and the project is set to begin. I’m a good 1200+ miles from my paints and studio right now, but headed toward home tomorrow. Should be home Monday night, and ready to start Painting #1 Tuesday night.

I like this picture almost as well as the first.