Jan 5 2010

Tomorrow is another day

Tonight is the night I am supposed to start painting. It is so, so very tempting to not start painting – I must admit. We just got back from a very long, fun, yet tiring trip. 2600+ miles by trip’s end – from Colorado to Iowa, then on to Michigan, and then back to Colorado. Our van’s transmission decided to give up the ghost 350 miles from home – in Lexington, Nebraska. Lexington is home to some of the most god awful smells you’ll ever encounter, due to a huge Tyson chicken processing plant, and various other meat processing plants I’m assuming. Also home to the wonderful Plum Creek Motors, who correctly diagnosed the need for a new transmission, but also informed us we could still drive it home. Big shout out to our service techs Oscar Cabellos and Vern Worm (his real name). Luckily we were able to drive the rest of the way home in third gear, not driving above 60 mph.

And the main reason to not start tonight….the Iowa Hawkeyes playing in the Orange Bowl, which they just won!! Most excellent evening…I’ll start tomorrow.

I promise.