Jan 14 2010

Piece #2 complete

And if I built this fortress around your heart
Encircled you in trenches and barbed wire
Then let me build a bridge
For I cannot fill the chasm
And let me set the battlements on fire

As I was getting ready for work, the Sting song “Fortress Around Your Heart” popped into my head, as did an image for a painting. The image I had in my head was nothing like this final work, but sometimes they just evolve.

My post about digital painting the other day got me to thinking about how I create my art. I don’t think I need to paint with paints every single time. This piece is a multi-media work. I created most of it in Photoshop, and then painted over the top with acrylics. When I started working on it, I was just going to lay it out in Photoshop and then paint it. But it started to take on a life of it’s own. I’ve been reading a lot of art blogs lately, and I really like the work of Bridgette Guerzon Mills. So I decided to see how it would turn out if I painted over the top of a Photoshop composited piece. I’m extremely happy with the result. I’m also considering doing a series based on the album this song comes from, Dream of the Blue Turtles. It’s one of my favorite albums of all time, and comes from a time in high school when I was really into my artwork. I think it’s important to find something that inspires you, and for me music and art have always gone hand in hand.

This is exactly what I want to be doing.