Jan 19 2010

Tea in the Sahara #3

Please don’t ask us why
Beneath the sheltering sky
We have this strange obsession
You have the means in your possession

Who knew Sting could be such an inspiration? I’ve wanted to do a piece on Tea in the Sahara for awhile – actually a lot of Sting’s/The Police’s songs. The lyrics have always had such a great imagery for me. This song and album take me back to one (if not the first) albums I ever bought. I remember listening to it on my Montgomery Wards record player/stereo over and over.

This piece is a bit of an allusion to some of my pieces from college. One of my professors mentioned to me that my imagery looked a lot like the movie The Sheltering Sky, and recommended that I see it. I watched it, and it was similar. Ironically, the inspiration and part of the lyrics for Tea in the Sahara are from the novel The Sheltering Sky. But my inspiration for my desert images at that time came from a completely different place. I was having recurring nightmares about the desert, as I was concerned that I was going to be called up to go to Desert Storm at the time (I was in the Army National Guard). Luckily that didn’t happen. Another bit of this piece is inspired by the movie The English Patient, and maybe a bit of The Little Prince.

I like how this piece turned out. It’s kind of got a dreamlike quality, which I get when I listen to the song. I did most of it in Photoshop, and painted over the top of it. I’m really liking this method of creating pieces. I may do an all paint piece coming up, but I have so many ideas going right now, it’s faster to create in Photoshop.

Photo credits (these photos are from a very cool free stock photo site called Stock.XCHNG – anyone interested in what the original photos looked like can click on the links in front of the credits…thank you for the great photo inspirations!

Tea setJohn Boyer - “Sailor John”
SistersH Assaf - “ortonesque”
PlaneKatarzyna LipiƄska - “ckgd2″
Deserttijmen van dobbenburgh - “tijmen

Sky – Me