Jan 22 2010

Five cool artist blogs

It’s been so long since I really investigated anything in the art world, other than buying the occasional art magazine when the muse would hit me. But since starting this blog and working on pieces, I’ve discovered so many great artist blogs. Here are my current favorite Top 5, in no particular order…

1. Haunted Nonsense – The Experimental Memorandums of J.E. Larson. I don’t remember how I stumbled across this blog (actually I think I saw him on redbubble.com, but I think his illustrations are fantastic.

2. Studio M.M.E. Blog – Personal Blog of Author and Artist Megan M. Eckman. I think I found her blog in a crazy, random way through a search of Edward Gorey. Lots of great info, beautiful illustrations, and helpful tips. I expect to visit this site a lot!

3. Red Red Day – I think I ran across this on a search of daily painting, on a blogroll of another site. I really enjoy her work and writing style. Very honest and real.

4. Hey Yourself – My Journey Into Illustrationdom! - Funny blog about an art/grade school teacher who is working on becoming a children’s book illustrator and writer.

5. Contemplating The Moon – The Art Journal of Bridgette Guerzon Mills. Just a really good read. Some very nice pieces, and she talks about fitting in art into the rest of your life.

As for my progress, I’m ahead of schedule – believe it or not! This is technically week 3, and I finished the third piece on Monday. I’m working on piece #4 right now, which isn’t based on any song, but is going to be an all digital work I believe.