Jan 7 2010

More progress

I got some more done tonight. I worked on the sky, and the mountains. It’s good to get back into the rhythm of painting, but I realize as I work that I still paint the exact same way as I always did. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but somewhere along the journey I hope to break into a new style or work on new techniques. I also realized that an 18″x24″ painting might be a little overly ambitious for a weekly painting, but I’m using up the canvas stock I have.

Off to bed…

Jan 7 2010

Hauntingly familiar

The clouds
Never expect it
When it rains
But the sea
Changes colours
But the sea
Does not change

I’ll admit it, I do love Stevie Nicks. Especially Edge of Seventeen, which is a great song. A bit of a rip off (check out how they both start) of Bring On The Night, by The Police (one of my all time favorite bands), but still a nice ethereal song.

What does any of this have to do with this post? Well, the phrase hauntingly familiar is from Edge of Seventeen, and came to mind when I ran across this amazing work by Erin Tyner. Her work reminds me of pieces I did in college. Not the same look at all, but kind of the same feel – one figure against nature. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

What did we ever do before the Internet? I sometimes feel when I’m surfing like the way I used to as a kid in the library, or how I still get in a good bookstore today. I get lost in other worlds, and am surprised to find how much time has passed while browsing/surfing, etc. It’s a nice escape.

Jan 6 2010

Painting 1 – Done!

Ok – not really done. But I did work on it tonight. Laid out some basic color, just to get going. It’s on an 18″ by 24″ canvas. More work to do…

Jan 5 2010

Tomorrow is another day

Tonight is the night I am supposed to start painting. It is so, so very tempting to not start painting – I must admit. We just got back from a very long, fun, yet tiring trip. 2600+ miles by trip’s end – from Colorado to Iowa, then on to Michigan, and then back to Colorado. Our van’s transmission decided to give up the ghost 350 miles from home – in Lexington, Nebraska. Lexington is home to some of the most god awful smells you’ll ever encounter, due to a huge Tyson chicken processing plant, and various other meat processing plants I’m assuming. Also home to the wonderful Plum Creek Motors, who correctly diagnosed the need for a new transmission, but also informed us we could still drive it home. Big shout out to our service techs Oscar Cabellos and Vern Worm (his real name). Luckily we were able to drive the rest of the way home in third gear, not driving above 60 mph.

And the main reason to not start tonight….the Iowa Hawkeyes playing in the Orange Bowl, which they just won!! Most excellent evening…I’ll start tomorrow.

I promise.

Jan 2 2010

Stay on target…

Gold Two: [the Y-wings are running the gauntlet toward the Death Star reactor-port] The guns – they’ve stopped!
Gold Five: [realizes why] Stabilize your rear deflectors… Watch for enemy fighters.
Gold Leader: They’re coming in! Three marks at 2-10!
[Gold Two is slain by Darth Vader and his wingmen; Gold Leader starts to panic]
Gold Leader: It’s no good, I can’t maneuver!
Gold Five: Stay on target.
Gold Leader: *We’re too close!*
Gold Five: Stay on target!
Gold Leader: [shouts] Loosen up!
[he too is picked off by Vader and Company; Gold Five tries to escape but is fatally winged]
Gold Five: Gold Five to Red leader, lost Tiree, lost Dutch.
Red Leader: I copy, Gold Leader.
Gold Five: It came from… behind!

Of course this is from Star Wars – A New Hope. But applicable, since it is now the New Year, 2010, and the project is set to begin. I’m a good 1200+ miles from my paints and studio right now, but headed toward home tomorrow. Should be home Monday night, and ready to start Painting #1 Tuesday night.

I like this picture almost as well as the first.