Illustration Friday – Brave (#16)

The theme for Illustration Friday this week is Brave. I kind of struggled with this theme at first. Then for some reason the image of David vs. Goliath popped into my head. So I did a modern, quick take on it. All digital piece – not based on a song!

I’ve been trying to come up with some other songs. I’m going to delve into some Leonard Cohen based on a friend’s suggestion. Bird On The Wire and Hallelujah for sure. I had a bunch of signs the other day about Bird On The Wire, so I know I have to do that one.

I also sent out a couple of pieces to Canon for test printing. If you go on their website, they will send you samples printed from their printers. Mainly to see if you’d like to buy them. I sent them the Levon piece and Folsom Prison Blues. The prints came back looking great, so I may invest in a Canon printer so I can finally get some things for sale on Etsy and Redbubble.

Piece count update – this is my 16th piece. According to the calendar, I should be on #10 this week, so I’m excited to be ahead of schedule. It’s been really fun so far, and doing them digitally allows me greater flexibility when I can work.

Photo credits:
DavidEmre Danisman
GoliathCan Berkol
Texturemaria jose

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