Don’t Drink The Water – #27

Come out come out
No use in hiding
Come now come now
Can you not see?
There’s no place here
What were you expecting
Not room for both
Just room for me
So you will lay your arms down
Yes I will call this home

Away away
You have been banished
Your land is gone
And given me
And here I will spread my wings
Yes I will call this home
What’s this you say
You feel a right to remain
Then stay and I will bury you
What’s that you say
Your father’s spirit still lives in this place
I will silence you

Here’s the hitch
Your horse is leaving
Don’t miss your boat
It’s leaving now
And as you go I will spread my wings
Yes I will call this home
I have no time to justify to you
Fool you’re blind, move aside for me
All I can say to you my new neighbor
Is you must move on or I will bury you

Now as I rest my feet by this fire
Those hands once warmed here
I have retired them
I can breathe my own air
I can sleep more soundly
Upon these poor souls
I’ll build heaven and call it home
‘Cause you’re all dead now
I live with my justice
I live with my greedy need
I live with no mercy
I live with my frenzied feeding
I live with my hatred
I live with my jealousy
I live with the notion
That I don’t need anyone but me
Don’t drink the water
There’s blood in the water

The song is Don’t Drink The Water by The Dave Matthews Band. I did a digital piece to the lyrics of this song a long time ago – probably ten years or so ago. One, if not the first, piece like this that I had done. This is my evolution of it. The original was black and white, and looked nothing like this. I have it on one of my old computer’s hard drives somewhere…I need to back them all up onto external hard drives.

If you click on the link above to the song, it goes to the official video that Dave Matthews made for the song. Today was the first time I’d ever seen it. I always thought these lyrics were great, and they are about a specific time period in history….but not really the one in the video.

Matthews said of the song: “There’s times when I’ve traveled around this fine country, and others, but this fine country, I remember one time standing at the edge of Llake Superior, up there, we were camping up on the northern side of it and looking out and imagining these little rocks that jut out, families of people going past in canoes and hunting on the side of the lake there, and also like if you sit and look at the Grand Canyon and get a little distance between you and that McDonald’s that’s peering down over the canyon with you, and just imagine the quiet that must have been there and the people that enjoyed it before we came, and I just get awed because it’s sort of an overwhelming feeling looking at those things just going, “Man does that suck, does it suck.” That you could erase somebody, ya know? Take somebody’s whole universe away. It’s just unbelievable for those people… just the fact that a little bit of our history has a lot of poison in it and that maybe we can’t reverse things but maybe pay a little tribute to it every once and a while.”

What a powerful song.

Photo credits:
BackgroundMartin Walls
MaskStasi Albert
ManWise Wander
CityTimo Balk
Cliff Dwelling – Steve Faramelli

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