Sep 21 2010

A National Acrobat – #41

I am the world that hides the universal secret of all time.
Destruction of the empty spaces is my one and only crime.
I’ve lived a thousand times, I found out what it means to be believe.
The thoughts and images, the unborn child that never was conceived.

When little worlds collide I’m trapped inside my embryonic cell.
And flashing memories are cast into the never ending well.
The name that scorns the face, the child that never sees the cause of man.
The deathly darkness that belies the fate of those who never ran.

You gotta believe me,
I’m talking to you.

Well, I know its hard for you to know the reason why.
And I know you’ll understand more when it’s time to die.
Don’t believe the life you have will be the only one.
You have to let your body sleep to let your soul live on.

I want you to listen,
I’m try’n’ ta get through.

Love has given life to you and now it’s your concern.
Unseen eye of inner light will make your soul return.
Still I look but not to touch the seeds of life are sown.
Curtain of the future falls, the secret stays unknown.

Just remember love is life, and hate is living death.
Treat your life for what it’s worth and live for ev’ry breath.
Looking back I’ve lived and learned, But still now I’m wondering.
Here I wait and only guess what this next life will bring.
Ha Ha!

I know, I know…I’ve been away WAY too long. Things have been pretty busy, and I neeed to get back to my regular schedule.

This week’s Illustration Friday theme is Acrobat. So I chose the Black Sabbath song A National Acrobat as inspiration. Now if you are of the mindset that Black Sabbath is devil music, I suggest you try this one out. This song is actually a very positive song. Plus it’s a great chance to hear Ozzy Osbourne before he became the parody that is is today.

Plus, this song ROCKS! :)

Photo credits:
AcrobatMarcello Gambetti
BackgroundJascha Hoste
BackgroundJascha Hoste
FigureJim Frech
Sleeping figureAndrew Haarsager
StarsTerry Standefer