Feb 22 2010

China Doll #13

A pistol shot at 5 o’clock
The bells of heaven ring
“Tell me what you done it for”
“No I won’t tell you a thing

“Yesterday I begged you
before I hit the ground -
all I leave behind me
is only what I found

“If you can abide it
let the hurdy-gurdy play -
Stranger ones have come by here
before they flew away

“I will not condemn you
nor yet would I deny”
“I would ask the same of you
but failing will not die

“Take up your china doll
it’s only fractured -
and just a little nervous
from the fall”

This is my take on China Doll, by the Grateful Dead. It’s definitely one of my favorite Grateful Dead songs. Some have said it’s a song about suicide, others a Biblical referenced song. That’s the great thing about music – everyone can find their own meaning. The same goes with art.

Photo credits:
DollUli Bartels
Doll - John Marcotte
ClockJana Kollárová
TextureKriss Szkurlatowski